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TG Quality Butcher

Shop 8, Wellington Village

03 9755 6296

TG Quality Butcher buys only from trusted suppliers and demand the best quality.  From Farm to you at affordable prices!

Our Specialties include:
Beef – Roasts, chops, mince, stir-fry, steaks and yearling beef schnitzels
Chicken – fillets, drumsticks, whole chickens, chicken feet, ribs, mince and freshly crumbed chicken schnitzels.
Pork – roasts, cutlets, chops, ribs, pork belly, mince, Italian and Chinese pork sausages.
Lamb – roasts, racks, chops, cutlets, mince, diced for stir-fries.
Goat – shoulder, legs and diced for curries.
We also sell ox, quail, quail eggs, duck and more!